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Fire Extinguisher ball

Fire Ball 1.3 KG

1.3 kg ball which covers an area of 5.5 sq. ft. is majorly used in a compact area or in household purposes and small shops or offices.

fire extinguisher ball

Fire Ball 3 KG

3 kg ball which covers an area of 12.12 sq. ft. is mainly used in mid-sized workplaces or in server rooms or even in the commercial hub.

Fire Extinguisher ball

Fire Ball 5 KG

5 kg ball which covers an area of 16.16 sq. ft. is used in manufacturing units and warehouses; also in the commercial hub.

About Us

about us

Founded in January 2018, BNH Traders LLP is a firm which acts as a distributor of numerous useful and practical products, such as BNH Gas Tanks and AFO Fire Balls, in the Indian market. BNH Traders distribute products that keep people safe from any potential hazards in life – be it an inferno-like fire or a fatal ice-skating accident.

Mission : To be a pan-India distributor of goods, products and brands that contribute to a ‘Safer’ India by helping them reach every doorstep in the country.

Vision : BNH Traders LLP came into existence so that every nook and corner of India receives what it deserves the most – safety & security. BNH Traders LLP’s vision is to distribute safety through every product it associates with.

Why Choose Fire Extinguisher Ball?

The Fire Extinguisher Ball is the most innovative and lightweight fire extinguisher in the fire industry. Helps to take control of initial fire within 10 seconds. This automatic fire extinguisher ball can be used by anyone from the age of 5 to any elderly person.

fast & effective

Fast & Effective

Fireballs when activates helps to cease the initial fire within 10 seconds. Uses 100% of the available resources to prevent any further damage which could be caused by Fire.

easy to install

Easy to Use

Since the ball is lighter than the traditional fire extinguishers, one needs no special training to use it. One should just roll the ball into fire or simply throw it in fire to extinguish it.

light weight

Light Weight

Is very handy to use as it weighs very less as compared to traditional fire extinguisher. The fireball comes in 3 different variants and weighs around 1.3 kg, 3 kg and 5 kg.

compact in size

Compact in Size

The Fire balls come in a spherical form and the maximum diameter of the ball is 230 mm and can be carried away wasily.

Maintenence Free

No Maintenance

Unlike the traditional fire extinguisher the fireball doesn’t requires any refilling to be done. Also it has a shelf life of 5 years.

Built-in Alarm

Build-in Alarm

The fireball only activates itself when it is in contact with the fire. Any attempts to burst the ball without the help of fire will go in vain.

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