10 safety Rules for Kids

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It’s been a long time since all of the fire fighters ask us to be safe from fire and take safety measures to avoid any fire outbreak. And here we are still adamant as a kid, not listening to and not following the instruction given by them.

As a parent we all are concerned about our child’s safety, be it at home or outside. Children should always be under adult supervision. However, this is not possible all the time and hence we, as responsible adults, should teach our kids the basic safety rules that they need to follow to keep them safe from hazards.

Should I say it’s sad that we live in a society where there are more neutral families than joint families? Because either of the parents has to step out to work or basically to earn the bread. The kids are without you at school or maybe at a daycare. This makes teaching them the basic safety rules quite important. Preparing your kids with these safety steps will help them to fight any emergency or panic situation.

If you’re thinking how should we do that, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Keep reading the following list to know how you can teach your kids and make sure they follow the rules.

Listed are the 10 basic safety rules that’ll help your kid to be safe.

  1. Know your Name, Number, and Address.

You can simply call this rule N.A.N (Name, Address, and Number) – kids tend to remember things when they relate them. This is THE GOLDEN RULE. The kids should learn the full name not only his but yours too. The contact number and the address. It would be better if the kid knows both of their parent’s names. Even if your kid is small you need to try and teach them these details – will help in any emergency situation. Make sure you tell them about the landmark – this will be of additional help to them in case of emergency. You can also keep a tag in your kid’s bag – make sure they should not share it with anyone and only share it in case of emergency.

  1. Talking to Strangers is A BIG NO-NO (Safety at its Best)

Teaching kids not to talk to strangers is the best thing you can do. Not all the strangers we meet are bad, but why take chance? There is an increase in children kidnapping lately, they are either lured by giving a bar of chocolate or a top or anything that’s tempting. Make sure they do not take such things or talk to anyone they do not know.

no talking to stranger

They should be taught they are not allowed to go anywhere with anyone they don’t know and raise an alarm like shouting or screaming loudly as possible if someone approaches them. However, your kid should not shout at anyone and everyone. But also make them learn the art of politeness – say no politely.

  1. Good Touch & Bad Touch

Every single child should know the difference between a good touch and a bad touch. No one should be allowed to touch your kid inappropriately that can make them uncomfortable. Again, you cannot be around your kid everywhere – your child should know to raise alarm in these cases. They should shout if someone touches them wrongly.

good touch bad touch

Young kids are more prone to such kinds of acts. It’s better to teach them at a younger age. Teach them with the help of videos – youtube has a lot of such content.

  1. Never climb a wall or fence for your own safety

Kids, as we know them, are adventurous and curious. They tend to do things that are prohibited. Special care must be taken when they are out especially when in playgrounds or when they are home with you not around. Tell them clearly that they are not allowed to climb any wall or a high level to fetch anything.

do not climb

They can always call you if they need anything. They should not go on the balcony or terrace when they are at home. If there is a nanny, advise her to keep the doors locked.

do not climb

  1. Playing with Sharp objects or Fire is strictly prohibited

Children should be always kept away from sharp objects like knives and/or blades and also away from the kitchen or any source of Fire. Make sure you keep lighters, candles, and match sticks away from them in a safe place.  Your kid should know that they are not allowed to play with fire at any given time.

don't use sharp objects

  1. Handling emergency situation at home

Natural calamity can occur anytime – it’s an uninvited guest. Earthquakes have become quite a normal thing nowadays and it is important to train your kid how to tackle an emergency situation like that. The golden rule – DO NOT PANIC!

don't panic

Make them understand the safety rules on what to do when an earthquake strikes. Move out immediately to an open area, do not use the lift, and move under a bed or a wooden dining table if possible. Similarly, in case of a fire outbreak – teach them how to use a fire extinguisher ball and move out as soon as possible. And call the fire brigade; only if the fire is big.

  1. Your child should be aware of the school safety emergency procedures

Every school has its own safety procedure to handle emergencies like earthquakes, floods, etc. make sure that your kid is aware of the same; and what s/he should do in such cases.

Check with the school if all these procedures are taught in the school – or whether the kids are trained for the same.

  1. Never Wander alone

This rule is again the most important when it comes to hyperactive and curious kids who love to explore things. Make sure you keep it very clear that s/he is not allowed to go alone anywhere. Taking the help of a teacher, nanny, guardian, or you are a must as wandering alone can be a threat.

  1. Safety Gears

Make sure your children are used to wearing the safety gears while playing especially riding cycles and swimming. Yes, I know falling down, getting scratched is good. It shows you’re learning new things. But god forbid and any mishap takes place? Life is precious than breaking safety rules.

  1. Don’t Panic when you get Lost

Shopping malls have seen the most lost and found cases when it comes to children. It is the vital teaching you’ll ever teach your kid that when lost – don’t panic! They should stay where they are. Ask for help from other moms around.

This is the place where RULE #1 comes in handy, they can reach you quickly with someone’s help.

That’s all for now.

Make sure that you teach your kids these steps. At an early stage, they are easy to mold the way we want.

See you all in the next blog.