About Us

There are certain products no one shouldn’t live without. While we all recognize food, clothing, and shelter as our basic needs, we often forget to acknowledge the risk of surviving without objects that keep us safe and sound.

Imagine living without a spine – the whole body draws strength from the spine – and if it breaks, the entire body begins to malfunction.

Similarly, imagine if a home doesn’t have a strong foundation. When an earthquake hits, the home will crumble to dust, and then you’ll remember – prevention was always better than cure!

Founded in January 2018, BNH Traders LLP is a firm that acts as a distributor of numerous useful and practical products, such as BNH Gas Tanks and AFO Fire Balls, in the Indian market. BNH Traders distribute products that keep people safe from any potential hazards in life – be it an inferno-like fire or a fatal ice-skating accident.

About BNH Gas Tanks :

BNH Gas Tanks, as the name rightly suggests, manufactures gas tanks for efficient storage and transportation of various kinds of gases required in households, industries, and transportations. Be it LPG Gas, Ammonia Gas, Propane Gas, Nitrogen Gas, or any other major kind of gas, BNH Gas Tanks ensure that the gas is transported to the required destination safely.

When it comes to BNH Gas Tanks, safety, quality, and expertise are the pillars on which the manufacturing company stands strong to date. To know more about how BNH Gas Tanks deliver efficiency and safety in the best way possible, click here. 

About AFO Fire Ball :

AFO Fire Ball’s tagline is “Kill it before it kills you.” AFO (Automatic Fire Off) Fire Extinguisher Ball is an innovation in the field of safety and security. With a marvelous ability to put off any form of fire within just 10 seconds, AFO Fire Ball is a piece of great equipment to fight off severe fires, and that too, without any human intervention!
Achieving ISO9001 accreditation in 2017, AFO Fire Ball is indeed a fire-safety-related product that deserves a place within every four-walled structure. To understand how easy it is to use AFO Fire Ball in case of fire, click here.

With a pan-India presence, BNH Traders LLP is a firm that just doesn’t distribute products, but also safety and security to India.

Mission & Vision


To be a pan-India distributor of goods, products, and brands that contribute to a ‘Safer’ India by helping them reach every doorstep in the country.


BNH Traders LLP came into existence so that every nook and corner of India receives what it deserves the most – safety and security. BNH Traders LLP’s vision is to distribute safety through every product it associates with.