Auto Fire Off

Fire Extinguisher BallPresenting the most innovative & user friendly automatic fire extinguisher product in the market today. – Auto Fire Off!! It works on heat sensitivity principle and it’s so potent that it can extinguish almost all types of fire within a blink of the eye. Yet so easy to operate that even a child can use it.
Fire Extinguisher Ball-Auto Fire Off, requires no discharge mechanism as soon as its exterior comes in contact with fire, it explodes, displacing the oxygen around & rest is taken care by fire extinguisher agent.
Removing the usual complication associated with fire extinguisher operation, it can be easily installed at a fire prone area or can be rolled into a live fire, its exploding sound marks your triumph over fire. It works even in the absence of human thus guarding lives and property without polluting the environment.

Product Features

  • Self-Activating
  • Built-in Alarm
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Fast and effective
  • 5 Years Life
  • Maintenance Free
  • Zero False Alarm
  • Non Hazardous, Non Toxic
  • No writing & Ducting require
  • Zero Malfunction
  • Lighting fast operations
  • Compact in size
  • Negligible installation
  • Works Automatic & Manual
  • Self Activating Mechanism Doesn’t require any human intervention.
  • Very Lightweight can be used by anyone.
  • Easy to use Ideal for fire prone areas, such as : above electrical circuit breaker, kitchen gas stove etc.
  • Made from human and environment friendly materials.
  • Can extinguish a fire of 6sq.m / 12sq.m / 20 sq.m