Common Mistakes One should avoid when fighting Fire

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Mistakes – we all are habitual with. We do it on a daily basis. We regret some, we enjoy making some purposefully. Regrets caused due to these mistakes can be depressing at times. A Fire Accident is one such event where mistakes can be horrific.

Let’s get to know a few mistakes that people usually make when there is a fire outbreak. The first line of defense to fight fire is to stop the spread, but with keeping yourself away from the wrath of Fire.

Mentioned below is a list of mistakes people tend to make.

  1. Standing too close to the fire

We all know it is quite a task when there is a fire outbreak and we have to put it down before it does more damage to us as well as to our belongings. All we think of at this very moment is to stop the spread of fire!

too close to fire - avoid mistakes

At any given time it is not a viable option to stay close to the fire and try to stop it. Fire is hot, we all know that, and it is dangerous if we stand close to the fire. Yes, the fire should be put off but taking into consideration our own safety; is very important.

  1. Trying to fight fire with less efficient means

Fire outbreak – panic hits like hell! Well, we can try extinguishing it. Make sure you use the most effective things to put it down like an extinguisher, or maybe water, it can even be a blanket – if you have one.

fighting fire - avoid stupid mistakes

Putting down fire with something that can cause more damage or simply “adding fuel to fire” is a sure sign of being Stupid. Stupidity is one of the major causes of harm to ourselves.

One can either opt for an extinguisher or simply call out anyone who s/he thinks is capable of handling such panicky situations. Make sure you act smart and wise not stupid and ignorant.

  1. Not pulling the pin

This, here, is the stupidest thing one can ever do. Use a fire extinguisher cylinder without pulling out the pin. P.A.S.S are the steps which one should follow to use extinguisher cylinders effectively.

Pull the pin - avoid the mistakes

The first step itself says to pull the Pin! If you don’t do that, you won’t be able to press the handle or basically activate the cylinders in the first place.

I know, when panic hits you like a hard rock one cannot think rationally. But using logic and thinking rationally is something we all should do. It will not only save you but also others who can be in harm.

Using brains is the least possible thing you can do to save yourself.

  1. Aiming too high

The second thing while using cylinders is that people know how to use them. But unfortunately, end up doing things wrong. When you follow the steps to use the cylinders, you aim the nozzle of the pipe as many call it too high. This will not only miss your target but also create an opportunity for the fire to expand itself.

aiming too high - avoid mistakes

It’s better to aim at the source of fire if it is controllable. Aiming is something we should be good at – not just the fire but also in our daily lives.

  1. Maintaining Fire Extinguisher

Everything that we need to work in our favor or at least be with us needs to be maintained properly. Maintenance is key to everything be it a piece of equipment or we, humans.

maintenance  - avoid mistakes

Fire safety is one such thing that needs proper check-ups on a regular basis. Fire extinguishers, especially the cylinders need to be kept in check. The pressure in the cylinder is the only thing that assures your safety when there is a fire outbreak.

It’s simple logic that we all know yet we ignore. With the proper pressure in the cylinders, the CO2 in the cylinders will flow out efficiently and cover the desired area. If not maintained, the powder will fall in your footsteps.

It’s we who need to be aware of all these little things.

Bonus TIP:

  • Fire Extinguisher Ball

One such fire extinguisher is safe to use – even the kids of age 5 can use this. A fireball as many call it works on heat sensitivity and also can be used both actively and passively. It assures that you are safe even when you’re not around to take care of the fire.

An automatic fire extinguisher when placed in places that are prone to fire, and a fire outbreak takes place this ball gets triggered and takes care of the fire.

fire extinguisher ball

You can either throw the ball in fire, active use, or you can simply install it near fire-prone areas, passive use. The beauty of this fireball is that it is lightweight and takes care of fire within 10 seconds.


Precaution is better than cure.

Using anything and everything that can work in your absence is the best thing you can choose.