Everything you need to know about Fire Extinguisher Ball

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Hello there! We’re glad you chose to read this. In this blog, we are talking about the fire extinguisher ball. AFO – Auto Fire Off – The Original and India’s very first.

Fire extinguishing balls are the brand new fire safety technique and cutting-edge fire safety and response tools that people are getting familiar with. BNH Traders LLP is all set to lead its way in helping out people to be safe and sound.

In this blog, we will help you examine everything that you need to know about the Fire Extinguisher Ball (FEB) – Auto Fire Off.

Fire Extinguisher Ball

The Ball is Compact & Lightweight

The F E B which weighs about 1.5kg is the smallest ball that helps you to extinguish a fire and keep you safe from any hazards. It is 152 mm in diameter.

F E B is small yet effective when it comes to putting off a fire. This ball is lightweight when compared to the standard fire extinguisher cylinder.

This fireball is able to tackle most of the fires which include:
• Type A fire
• Class B fire
• Type C fire
• Class E fire

These are the typical fire types we all face every now and then.

Fire Extinguisher Ball is Easy to Operate.

One of the best things about AFO – fire extinguishing ball is that it is unbelievably easy to use.

This F E B – fire safety equipment can be taken anywhere and can self-activate itself in case of fire. One can simply install this ball or place it near the fire-prone areas like the stoves, over electrical equipment, near the circuit breaker, or in the storage areas where there is a high risk of fire. Once you do this – boom! – You have 24×7 protection against fire.


The beauty of this ball, since it is lightweight and compact in size, is that it can be used by children, grown-ups, and even the elderly in case of a fire accident.

All you have to do is – Roll or Toss or Slide the fire extinguisher ball in the fire; and watch how it takes control over the fire within 10 seconds.

AFO – F E B is Safe!

Auto Fire Off is 100% SAFE!

The extinguisher powder used in this ball is 90% Mono-ammonium Powder (MAP); it is non-toxic and non-hazardous so you don’t worry about its side effects on you and the environment.


This also creates a sound of 120 dB which alerts you or any other member around the vicinity. An additional feature, I would call it that, you don’t have to go anywhere near the fire to extinguish it. You just got to throw it in the fire.

Fast & Effective

Fire can be put off effectively before it begins to get drastically out of control. So if anyone has not noticed a fire started in their home or workplace they know how critical it can be.

The AFO fire extinguisher ball works automatically when it in touch with the fire. You don’t have to wait for anyone to smell the smoke and of your precious things getting burned. Instead, the AFO fire extinguisher ball reacts when it is in contact with fire and extinguishes fire within 10 seconds.

It self-activates and extinguishes the fire.
One of the best things about this ball is that it doesn’t blow off if the temperature is high. NOTE: it only reacts to flames and not high temperatures.

Fire Extinguisher Ball is Maintenance Free

With having a shelf life of 5 years it also doesn’t have any maintenance. You just have to install the fireball and forget about it.

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