Extinguisher Cylinder vs. FireBall

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It’s been quite a long time we all have been reading about fire extinguisher, and I guess people are bored now.

But let’s talk about the differences between fire extinguisher cylinder and ball.

From the time we were kids we all are always excited to learn and go through the differences between any 2 things. Be it the difference between mitochondria and chloroplast or differences between plant and animal cells.

It’s has always been great to know things when we compare.


Fire Extinguisher Cylinder Fire Extinguisher Ball


Fire Extinguisher Cylinder Fire Extinguisher ball

Skills required to operate

One should be properly trained to use a fire extinguisher cylinder.

Trained professionals usually visit your place and give proper instructions and steps to follow.

Since the ball has an auto-activation feature, no special skills or training are required.

Anyone from the kids to the elderly can use the balls.

You need to roll the ball or toss it into the fire.

No need to get closer to the fire.


It is hard to carry around since it can weigh up 15Kg The ball is easy to hold as it weighs 1.3kg, 3kg, and 5kg.

And due to the spherical shape, it is easy to roll in the fire.

Human Security

To extinguish a fire with a cylinder one needs to be 6 feet or 1.8 meters away from the fire.

Being so close is of high risk and can be dangerous and one can get affected due to any poisonous smoke.

One need not be close to the fire.

Simply throw or roll it in the fire.

One can stand in a safe position and away from fire and throw the ball.

Chemical Inside

Cylinders contain a pressurized gas which helps the extinguisher material to coagulate. 90% of Mono-Ammonium Phosphate is used in the ball.

There is no pressure inside.


Needs regular inspection and needs to be refilled every year to maintain the pressure. Has a life span of 5 years and no maintenance is needed.


To use the same chemical for extinguishing fire one must refill and maintain the pressure inside. No need for refilling

The concentration of Dry chemical extinguisher

30 – 45 % since the tank takes a high cost of iron for its making, the chemical quantity is less 90% M A P chemical powder

Possibility of Failure

If there is no proper maintenance of the cylinder or it has not been used for a long period of time, there is a possibility of failure in operation.

The tank is metal is made up of steel which can cause device failure.

Since the ball is not made up of any metal component there is a ZERO chance of failure in operating.


Most of the fire extinguishing devices are made from CFC and other components which can be harmful to the environment. Auto Fire Off – The fire extinguisher ball does not contain any CFC.

The material used is Mono Ammonium Phosphate which is not harmful to the environment.

Sound (alarming sound)

None When the fireball activates, there is an alarming sound of 120dB and is not harmful to people hearing as ACGIH standard.

Additional Benefit

None Fireball can look after the initial fire and can monitor damages and activate it when it is in touch with the fire within 5-10 seconds.

Operational Interval

One needs to stand away from the firebase at least 6 feet and needs 18-20 seconds while holding the tank. Stand away at a safe distance and just throw the ball it works automatically

Operational Principle

The chemical that is sprayed out would bother the fire chain reaction only. It works by cutting the elements of fire chain reaction out and prevent the elements of the fire chain reaction to not combine again.

Creates a barrier.

Danger from using

Can be dangerous if not used carefully. Not dangerous.

Danger from going to extinguish the fire

Cannot come closer to fire since the fire flames are too hot and can cause serious burns. No need to come closer to the fire because one can stand at an appropriate distance and throw the ball


The dry chemical inside should not exist longer than 3 years because the cylinders need to be repressurized every 6 months and the concentration is 45% – 65% The concentration of dry chemical powder is 90% M A P.

There is no pressure or air inside, so the chemical can be used for 5 years.

Now that you’ve read about the differences and you can make out what is more beneficial for you. Act smart and choose smartly.

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