Fire Extinguisher – Most Common mistakes people make

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Fire Extinguisher – the life saver.

We know how important this device is when it comes to putting down a fire. An extremely important tool that saves you and your precious from the damage. However, this can be highly dangerous in the wrong hands or in the hands of someone who doesn’t know how to use it.

Fire extinguisher

Everyone should know how to use a fire extinguisher in case of emergency, but not everyone is taught how to use it. And this, in case of Panic and Emergency can be a great loss!

Hence, it is mandatory at your workplace to practice fire drills and get proper education on how to use fire safety equipment. This can help one person to educate the other and stay safe from fire hazards.

Let’s have a look at some of the common mistakes that people make while using a fire extinguisher.

  • Not Reading Instruction

  • Rushing to stop a Fire

  • Standing too close

  • Leaving a freshly extinguished fire

  • Fire Protection helpline

Not Reading Instruction

As a part of fire safety training, it is mandatory that one should read the instruction printed on fire extinguisher. Sadly, hardly anyone does that.

Read the Instructions

Even if you haven’t read the instruction before a fire starts; make sure that you read it before rushing out to put down a fire. This will give you an idea of how to use the tool quickly and effectively.

Not reading the instruction may land you in some serious problems that you want to avoid in an already panic situation. Being familiar with how to use the fire extinguisher can help you to be safe and can also save in a fire accident event.

Rushing to Stop a Fire

In the case of a fire accident usually, many people tend to rush to get the fire extinguisher without stopping to think about their safety.

Don't rush

A fire outbreak can cause huge panic and stressful situations, but it is very important to be calm and think about your actions and their outcome.

If the fire that you want to prevent from spreading it is better to use a fire extinguisher but if it is too large to stop with a fire extinguisher make sure you call the fire-fighting department. Not doing so can put you in a vulnerable place where either you can save only yourself or you meet your maker.

It is quite foolish to even try to fight fire when it is beyond control. Make sure you alert everyone and get out of the place – be it a house, your workplace, or any warehouse.

Standing too close with fire extinguisher

The distance between you and the fire plays a vital role. There’s always a very thin line between being a smart person and being stupid. Make sure you’re at a safe place when trying to extinguishing a fire. Even when we know that fire does huge damage, there are a few “smart people” who will stand close to the fire and try to extinguish it. This increases the risk of you getting injured.

Don't stand so close

Also, it is known that when you spray a pressurized agent on the fire it tends to spreads and this can hurt if you’re close to the fire. According to a study, it is better that one stands about 8 feet away while using the fire extinguisher.

Leaving a fresh extinguished fire

The last thing that should come to your mind after extinguishing the fire is to leave the room. Fire from the extinguished fire can start at any point if there’s a small spark, and it may not be completely extinguished even if you think it is.

It is always better to check and search the room for any signs that the fire is not completely down.

Only leave the room when you think there’s no chance for the fire to start again.

Fire Extinguisher Ball

One of the best alternatives that we have in the market of fire extinguishers.


It’s quite simple. You don’t need any special training to use this fireball. All you have to do is throw the fireball in the fire and let it take care of the fire.

fire extinguisher ball

The fire extinguisher ball can be used passively; all you have to do is install it near fire-prone areas. The fireball activates when it is in touch with fire – extinguishes fire in 10 seconds.

It is lightweight and easy to use, and anyone from kids to an elderly person can use this to be safe from fire.

Fire Protection helpline

Now that we have come to an end, let me ask you all a question; how many of you have saved the firefighting department’s helpline number?


Hmm, I guess there would be 1 person out of 20 who has the number saved. A humble request to all the readers to go and save the helpline number.

If you’re someone who is into restaurants and related sectors please check the points on restaurant and customer safety that one needs to follow.

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