Fire Protection – 10 ways to prevent fire accident at workplace

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Workplace – a second home to all the employees and owners. One should take all the preventive measures to prevent a fire accident at the workplace. Fire protection is a major thing to be taken into consideration.

Fire Protection

Here are the 10 ways to prevent a fire accident at the workplace; this will not only help you keep your workplace secure but also to lower the amount of damage by fire. Highlighted below are the 10 tips to be safe. These tips will not only save you from fire but will also help you create awareness about fire safety in your building.

The best thing one can do is educate the building occupants and help them understand the rules and regulations.


The 10 ways to prevent fire accidents at the workplace

  1. Regular MaintenanceMaintenance

Proper and regular maintenance of your belongings reduces the chances of malfunction and future hazards.

If you already use the necessary firefighting equipment make sure you schedule a regular maintenance service for all the fire protection equipment to make sure it works properly. It’s smart to make sure that all the machines in your building are properly maintained in order to prevent overheating or sparks created from friction.

  1. Safe Storage

Make sure all the storage places are dry, secure the closet or room that has adequate ventilation. It’s good to keep fire protection equipment for flammable substances near the storage area, just to be safe.

If you have chemicals, flammable materials, or other hazardous substances in your building; make sure they are stored in a safe place.

  1. Proper Disposal

Proper Disposal

Make sure that any waste that can be harmful should be disposed of properly. Any chemical that can possibly catch fire or can be hazardous and is in a metal container; make sure that is covered properly and has a lid.

Hazardous waste can include used oils to any other chemicals. Even the flammable and combustible materials should be properly disposed of in order to prevent any fire accidents.

  1. Accessible Equipment

As a responsible person of the firm, one must also keep in mind that all the fire protection equipment (i.e. fire extinguisher, control panels, etc.) are accessible by everyone.

Also, make sure that the fire sprinklers are not blocked or fire alarms are not covered by any paint, dust, or debris.

You definitely want them to work, don’t you?

  1. Clean Environment

There are many reasons one must keep the environment clean. One of the major reasons to keep it clean is because if there is a pile of unused papers lying around or anything that can help the fire to escalate like papers, boxes, polythene bags, unused stationery materials, etc. should be properly arranged or disposed of.

The clutter can also block the exit making it hard to get out if there is a fire accident. So, make sure you keep it clean and tidy.

  1. Building Security


The stupidest thing which can cause huge damage is Arson. Anyone who is your rival can do this to bring you down or hamper your business. Hence it is necessary to invest handsomely in building security.

All the building occupants should know how to lock up the building and report any suspicious behavior or people if they something off.

  1. Precautionary Measures

Demonstrations of Fire Safety can be stretched as far as you want when it comes to the safety of a building or a workplace. Make sure you teach all the building occupants how to react to a fire and how to use a fire extinguisher with other fire protection devices.

This helps to prevent the spread of a fire once it occurs.

  1. Smoking Area

A lot of people are habitual of smoking every other hour. There should be a designated smoking area that is away from the building or at least in an open area. Also, make sure that there are ashtrays or some other options where they can extinguish their cigarettes.

This will help you to be safe from any accidental fire which is caused by lit cigarettes.

  1. Emergency Plan


One must have an evacuation plan or emergency plan to be safe. This is important to prevent any further damage and any humans getting injured or worst.

It’s important that someone calls the fire brigade and one should also know what to do till they get to the building.

Fire protection is equally important as it will also help you to prevent the initial fire from spreading and causing more damage.

  1. Follow the rules and regulations of NFPA.

NFPA has a set of guidelines that one should follow to keep their place safe from fire. It is better to stay in-line with the guidelines set to avoid any fire accidents.


These were the 10 tips to be safe. Make a checklist and get it done right if it isn’t. Also, it’s better to be safe at any given point.