Fire Safety Measures in Hospitals

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As we know, hospitals have seen most sincere prayer than temples, churches, and mosques. But what if these hospitals become an unwanted oven for all the patients in there? Don’t you think Fire Safety at the hospital is one very important thing to do!

Sounds crazy?? Well, this is one thing we try to be away from – TRUTH!

Lately, we all have seen some big news when it comes to hospital fires. And how it has it has affected all of the patients. Fire safety is an important norm that needs to be taken into considerations during the construction of a hospital. When compares with general buildings – it’s very tough to evacuate people from the hospitals. Unfortunately, there are many hospitals in which fire safety is available like the fire safety words that have been written on the surface of the water.

It is sad to know that most of the hospital staff do not have awareness about fire safety and the steps that need to be taken in case of a fire outbreak. Also, the patients who are fully dependant or are immovable make it difficult to evacuate the hospital building in a rush.

Hospitals along with other healthcare facilities need to focus more on easy and safe evacuation methods. The Emergency Management Plan (EMP) should be kept handy so that it can help one with the unexpected fire accident in the hospital.

Mentioned below are a few safety measures of a hospital that are proven to be effective:

  • Detailed action plan
  • Establishing the incident command structure
  • Instructions for a fire safety management team
  • Fire safety evacuation aids
  • Fire fighting equipment in check
  • Mock drills and Fire safety training

Let’s see the same in detail, shall we?

  • Detailed Action Plan in the Hospitals

Unwanted Fire Outbreak or as we call it Fire accidents doesn’t leave room for thinking. All you can see is Panic hitting its peak. A detailed action plan that has all the needed answers to the questions and emergency needs saves time for thinking. And helps you to react instantly in the RIGHT WAY.

Involving all the departments of the hospitals in brief in this action plan is better.

  • Establishing the incident command structure

Communication is one of the vital means of reducing panic or taking panicky situations under control. One should establish a functions incident command structure that has desired groups and subgroups.

These groups and subgroups are like a tree of communication. Not only do they pass the information from their leader from the first group to the last they also follow his/her instructions.

  • Instruction for a Fire Safety Management Team at Hospitals

To reduce the damage that can be caused by the fire accident it is necessary to involve Fire Safety Management Team in the hospital planning and opening the doors of communications with the team.

Keeping the communication loop always open with the Fire Safety Management Team will ensure that the damage is kept at a minimum

  • Fire Safety Evacuation Aids

Hospital evacuation is one of the most challenging tasks. The Fire safety evacuation aids will help you in such situations.

  • Fire Fighting Equipment in Check

Fire fighting equipment like smoke detectors, fire alarms, emergency exit signals, fire extinguishers, and other fire fighting equipment should always be kept in check.

It is necessary to do a regular performance check while doing the fire drills to be sure about the responsive behavior in case of danger.

  • Mock Drills & Fire Safety Training

This is a very important aspect that helps reduce the damages and save lives during a fire outbreak. Make sure all the staff members undergo the fire safety training programs and participate in the mock drills.

This act creates a responsive & reliable team in fire emergencies and creates a safe and secure atmosphere.

Someone said this, An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

I hope you guys consider these things. Also, it is always better to keep the Oxygen cylinders and electronic equipment at a safe distance from the fire.

Just in case you guys haven’t had an opportunity to check the fire extinguishers and fire safety equipment – do it now!

And it is always better that you have equipment that can work in your absence – to fight the initial fire of course.

The fire extinguisher ball – one ball that extinguishes fire in 10 seconds!