Fire Safety Measures

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Fire is one of the 5 elements which can make things good and also can be disastrous like you’ve ever seen before.

Fire Exit

We all talk about being safe from fire and installing all the necessary firefighting equipment but how many of us install all the things that are the basic needs to be safe from it?

According to a survey alcohol use causes about 40% of the residential fires in the neighborhood. No wonder you’ll get a good firework show for free.

What according to you can be the primary cause of fire in residential areas?

You’d say kids playing with fire-related things or maybe a burning candle left on a tabletop or maybe even a short circuit. But these can be counted as secondary reasons for the fire. The Primary cause for home-fires is the unattended cooking section which has its burner kept on and forgotten.

Smoking is considered to be the leading cause of fire-related deaths in residential accidents. Smokers need to properly extinguish the cigarette in the ashtray.

Another major reason for deaths due to Fire Accidents is not actually the fire but the smoke that it releases because many of them don’t know what to do and how to react when panic hits them. The best thing one can do when there is a lot of smoke is to lay down and crawl. We’ll talk more about it in the firefighting strategy.

Let’s talk about smoke detectors now.

alarm beep

Why are they so important?

Smoke detectors are vital firefighting equipment as it detects the early chances of Fire; helping you to be alert for any further damages and also helps you to buy time to find the origin of the fire.

Why are smoke detectors necessary?

Many of the fire accidents occur mostly at night when everyone is sleeping and are unaware of the initial fire indication. Smoke detectors help you get yourself to safety. Also, it is recommended for all, at least install one smoke detector at each floor/level of your house.

What if a member of the family has a hearing disability?

Not to worry, there are smoke detectors that have a vibrating feature so that the one with a hearing disability is aware of the situation and can get himself/herself to a safe place.

One can get this ordered from any online store or simply contact your fire equipment supplier.

When should be the Smoke alarms should be replaced?

Make sure you keep a record of your smoke detectors and alarms, also any detectors or alarms which has successfully completed a decade in your beautiful house have no right to stay there anymore. Go and change it!

If ignored, there is a chance of you getting hit very badly with the fire or the damages that it does.

Make sure you replace the batteries of the smoke detectors every year or at a regular interval.

Action plan

Let’s talk about the Fire Prevention Strategy.

Install the fire extinguisher in your kitchen or near the circuit breaker, and keep it checked on a yearly basis. Or you can simply opt for the fire extinguisher ball which is lightweight and can be used by anyone in the house.

Make sure that you keep all the greased or oily utensils away from fire.

All the kids in your house, teach them safety rules for matches, fire, electrical outlets, electrical equipment, and other inflammable liquids if any.

Make sure that you don’t let your loose ends of clothes catch any fire. Because if that happens you’ll definitely have a panic hit you which can be crazy.

So, what else can be done by a family to be safe from fire?

Set some plans and make sure you have family drills every other month.

Make sure everyone is aware of the fire department service number. Firefighters are in place in most communities, but never forget to get out and go to a safe place.

Call for help once you’re safe and sound.

Never go in the house or building if there’s a large fire; don’t go for anything or anyone.

Children who are old enough to understand the threat of fire, teach them to ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’ if their clothes catch on fire to avoid any serious burns.

When planning for a safety measure meeting in your house make sure you involve your kids and ask them to meet at a safe place if any such incident appears. This should be done so that the kids are aware of the situation and they don’t panic and take the necessary steps to keep themselves safe from Fire.

Make sure that there is no such thing near the exit or stairways which can slow your process like furniture, toys, etc.

Practice the fire-safety drill at least twice a year. And if you have any babysitters at home make sure she knows the route.

To keep yourself and your kids from the hazard of inhaling the smoke, practice how you would travel to the exit if there is any smoke. Lie down on your knees and elbows and keep moving ahead.

Smoke being warm it’ll keep settling in the upper section of the available area and the cooler air will be at the bottom.

Once everyone including the kids is well versed with the exit plans, make a drill plan when everyone is sleeping. This will help you know if they wake up and follow the process. Also, those who are up against should be able to wake others and ask them to move to a safe place.

They say Practice makes a man perfect.

Stay Safe and Keep Rocking!