Fire Safety – Types and how to prevent it!

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What is Fire Safety?

Fire Safety is the implementation of practices that helps one to lower the destruction that can is caused by fire.

Classes of FIRE.

The fire has been classified in the following classes

Types of Fire

  • Class A
    The fire caused by any solid materials such as woods, paper, or textiles.
  • Class B
    The cause of the fire which involves flammable liquids such as petrol, diesel, or oils, etc.
  • Class C
    The fire caused by gases is Class C Fire.
  • Class D
    Fire involving metals
  • Class E
    Causes of fire which involves electrical appliances or apparatus.
  • Class F
    The fire caused by cooking oils such as deep-fat fryers.

Now that we know how and what can cause a fire, one should also know how to stop these fire from spreading. Everyone should have the basic knowledge of fire safety measures, but unfortunately, we take this very lightly. There have been cases registered in history that show how a fire safety measure knowledge saved people’s lives.

Here’s a story of a young girl from Mumbai who maintained her calm and was able to save the lives of about 15 people from the Fire that caught on the 12th Floor in Crystal Tower, Lower Parel, Mumbai.
Zen Sadavarte

Courtesy: Hindustan Times

Zen Gunratan Sadavarte, a 10-year-old girl, from Don Bosco class VI; helped in evacuating a tower with all the learning she had when she put it to use. Her alertness and presence of mind helped in saving about a dozen people. She used all the training she got when she was in her third grade. Sometimes have an alert mind can save your life.

When interviewed, she said she had to be calm and composed and also convinced others not to panic and had asked them to cover their nostrils and mouth with a wet cloth. Instead of walking own the building, she asked them to crawl. The reason behind this was that smoke being lighter than air is always on the top. And when you crawl you have some clear air also you can see where you’re heading.

Switching off the electrical appliances and gas valve was an added benefit since it didn’t come in contact in the fire. This case was reported in the year 2018, August.

This shows having knowledge of fire safety can save your life as well as the lives of others. Similarly, if we know how to use the Fire Extinguisher you can save a fire from spreading or destroying all your precious things.

How can you extinguisher the above-mentioned Fire?

Fire can be extinguished with various extinguishers available in the market. But to have a clear idea of which extinguisher is suitable for which class of fire below are the details:

Water Extinguisher

Water extinguishers are one of the cost-effective ways to fight a Class A fire which are caused by solid materials such as woods, paper, or textile.

There are for types of Water Fire Extinguisher:

  1. Jet ( Water Jet Fire Extinguisher )
  2. Water Spray
  3. Water with additives
  4. Mist or fog

These water extinguishers have a RED LABEL just to recognize them easily.

Foam Extinguisher

One can use a Foam extinguisher to control Class A and Class B Fires. These are most suitable to extinguish fire caused by solid material and flammable liquids such as petrol or diesel. The foam settles on the liquid or on the surface of solid materials and acts as a barrier between the air and material preventing the fire to grow.

The foam extinguisher has a Cream Label.

Powder Extinguisher

A multi-purpose fire extinguisher is used on Class A, Class B, and Class C fires. One can use these on electrical fire but since they don’t cool the fire there are chances of fire re-igniting.

CO2 extinguisher also can be included in this category, since it is suitable for places which has a lot of electrical equipment such as offices or server rooms because these are the places that have a higher chance of fire getting caught.


A new fire extinguisher made with 90% MAP (mono-ammonium phosphate) can be the best substitute for all the above-mentioned fire extinguishers since it is easy to use and light.

Fire Extinguisher Ball, is a brand new product in the fire safety market that can extinguish the fire of Class A, Class B, Class C, and Class E.

Fire Extinguisher Ball

India’s First Fire Extinguisher Ball

Mentioned above were the types of fire and how you can prevent them.

Please be very alert and don’t panic when there’s fire.
One clever move can save lives!

Think Smart, Act Smarter, and Choose Smartly