The Early Signs of a Fire

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You will never know when a fire will start – it is better you know how to detect the early signs of a fire so you can be safe from the hazards of it.

If in any case you’re caught up in a panic situation and you notice the early signs – you would have more time to get to a safer place and can help others too.

In this blog, we’re talking about the early signs of fire starting in your house or workplace.

Alarms and detectors for Fire safety

If there are red blazing flames anywhere in your house or on the premises you’re in alarms and detectors will give you the first sign of fire. When it goes off – you can catch fire and prevent it from spreading and can save your life as well your home or your workplace. Let’s say in case you’re too late to stop the fire, you at least have time to get out of the premises and be safe.

fire smoke detector

Checking your detectors and alarms on regular basis should be your number 1 priority. Because they are going to save you a lot of money.


There’s an old saying – there’s no smoke without fire. And smoke is one major sign of it.

If you know there is a fire outside the room then get wet towels and block the gasps around the edges to prevent smoke enter the room and protect yourself.

Smoke – it rises up. So if you want to cross a room, Stay as close to the ground as possible. This will help you to be on a safer side.

Smell of Fire

Fire burns everything that it comes in contact with. So even if you won’t be able to see the flame, you can smell it. If you smell something burning you have a better chance of escaping.

If you are a pet-parent, your pets may smell the smoke before you do. Dogs, as we all know, have a better sense of smell. So pay attention to their behavior and learn to recognize when they try to warn you of any danger.

Loud noises

You must have heard the name ‘Kumbhakaran’. So, if you fall in that category when it comes to sleeping; I think loud noises like people shouting, or sirens, or parts of a building collapsing won’t wake you up.

Keep checking out of the window for any signs or people shouting from nearby buildings.

Hot door and door handle

fire door

A lot of people must have heard that you need to feel your door to understand how bad fire is outside. If you rest your hand on the door know and you feel it is hot – there is a good chance that it is just outside the door. The same goes for the door handle. But make sure you check it with the back of your hand. Just in case the metal knob is hot it’ll cause burns, but at least you’ll have your palms all safe. So you can climb or get out of the building and won’t have any difficulty.


A good fire safety practice and the regular maintenance of your alarms, detectors, and safety training is helpful in giving you and also your family member or anyone on the premises a better chance of survival.

If you’ve any queries when it comes to fire-safety equipment or fire extinguisher ball which can help you to control the fire and prevent it from doing more damages, you can connect with us here.