The Importance of Fire Safety

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Why is fire safety important?

Sounds like a very stupid question right?
But it saves lives as simple as that.

Many people out there don’t know about fire safety or what fire safety is and how one should use it.

How many of us know how to fight fire?

8 out of 10 people don’t even know how to use a cylinder.
Panic hits and they simply run away. Isn’t it important to control the initial fire before it does huge damage?


According to the rules made by the authorities, every corporate building or office should do a mock drill every 6 months. Ask yourself how many of you really conduct a drill?

We all know how an uncontrolled fire is catastrophic and still, we don’t learn from the mistakes that others make.

Why be a slug when you can be a rustler. Being alert and acting accordingly will cost you nothing but can save a couple of lives.

Fire Safety

You can check the first blog as well as the second blog where we’ve stated about the types of fire, awareness, and precautions for the same.


Just a brush up: Fire safety is a set of practiced procedures or drills intended to reduce the damage caused by fire.

Fire Safety is important because it does not care who you are, where you stay or work. How much money do you own or what’s your worth. How popular you are, what religion you belong to, what is your job title or your gender or your income. It’ll destroy everything that comes in contact with it.

Fire spares no one.

Fire is caused due to one’s lethargic approach towards taking proper care about various things; which can be a proper fire safety feature at the workplace or maybe just throwing a lit cigarette in a bush. This approach should be changed and one must be responsible for his/her actions.

Some basic practices like turning off switches of your system or electric bulb or even the washroom area at your workplace will definitely save thousands of money for you and your company. You never know where and how a short circuit can happen and ruin the whole workplace but by being cautious you can avoid it.

Nevertheless, we have a fire extinguisher to tackle such situations. But while using the extinguisher cylinder you personally have to be there to follow those steps called P.A.S.S. wouldn’t it be great if a fire extinguisher just takes care of the initial fire by itself? Definitely YES!

AFO (auto fire off) is one such fire extinguisher which when in contact with fire activates by itself and controls the fire. Phew! A lot of panic drama shut down before it even started. This is great, isn’t it?

Fire Extinguisher Ball

This Fire extinguisher ball is very lightweight and very easy to handle. Oh! And it’s non-hazardous too. Kids can also use this ball to extinguish the fire.
Now that we’re talking about being updated everywhere, we think updating ourselves for using fire extinguisher ball is necessary.

Let’s accept the change and be safe!