Workplace Safety – Importance and Planning

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Welcome back to the workplace safety blog, in the previous blog, we went through the introduction for workplace safety, and why is a need for it. Today we’ll be looking at the importance and planning for the same.

Before we start, I hope you all are taking proper precautions to be safe – being safe in all possible ways. Keep rocking you guys!

Let’s have a look at the importance of being safe at the workplace.

We all are aware that an employee spends at least 8 hours a day in the workplace. Hence, the place should safe and healthy for everyone. Employees these days are experiencing some major health issues emerging from some of the following reasons:

  • Dust
  • Gases
  • Noise
  • Vibrations
  • Excessive temperatures

The social along with the mental and physical well-being of an employee is directly related to workplace safety & health safety in all the professions. Unhygienic working situations can be one of the major reasons to upset an employee’s health & safety. An imperfect working situation also stands at the same position. Risky & harmful conditions can be found anywhere, whether the workplace is in a commercial building or in a house, or in any other country.


Unfortunately, not all employees have a sense of common sense for the prevention of risks & hazards with respect to their own health & safety. Matter of fact, some employees are not even aware that they have some legal responsibility to safeguard the employees from any work-related hazards & risks.

Results of this problem, and a shortage of common sense + knowledge and attention for health and safety, work-related mishaps are common in every corner of the world.

We all know, work-related and illnesses are common in almost all the sectors and part of the world and they often have many personal & secondary negative results for the employees along with their families. One stupid negligence can mean an extensive financial loss to both – employers and employees.

Who can help you protect your lives?

Successful workplace and health programmers can help you to protect the lives of employees by reducing the risks. These professionals help you to secure your premises and also the risks and its outcome. To make your premises or workplace surrounding safe; the following are the things to be considered:

  • Permission to use professional health & safety policies, programs, and strategies on daily basis.
  • Expand & execute successful policies, programs, and strategy that gives you a safe and healthy work location + encourages the health and safety along with the well-being of their staff and that of their clients and the public.
  • Consider and apply all the safety measures to make that their work does not cause a danger or sickness or an injury or any environmental trouble to the employees. Also taking into consideration their customers and also the general public.
  • Make sure you observe and obey all the health, safety, and environmental laws & regulations.
  • Educating the new recruits of their health, safety, and environmental responsibilities and the accidents and dangers related to work.
  • Exercise all the safety tips and measures in the workplace.

Not to forget, it is also an employees’ responsibility to keep things in a manner, this will help to lessen any hazards that can be caused by misplacing things.

We all know that the importance and planning of any procedure plays a tremendous role in fulfilling what it is meant for.

Planning, as we all know is the basis of everything!

Let’s see how planning is important.

Every employer needs to focus on the employees’ safety and security, also the health in the surrounding they are a part of. The surroundings can be home, workplace, or anything where they live. These need to be clean, hygienic, and safe, and secured for employees to live their life happily. As we live in our home, we definitely take care of our surroundings, but what about the workplace? This is a big question, which everyone should think about.

People spend most of their peak time in the office or at work than the time they stay at home. Therefore, being safe and healthy at the workplace is equally important. So, workplace safety is one of the vital aspects of any organization. Being an employer, the organization should provide a safe workplace for any employee keeping in mind the health and security of the employee.

What is Workplace Safety Planning?

Safety planning is a set of preparatory approaches and policies to meet safety and health challenges and needs. Generating a safety plan includes selecting a set of actions to enhance the safety and health of employees, especially, those who work in hazardous and risky places and are expected to fall victim to dangers.


As an employer, it is your accountability to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. A safety and health management programmer can assist you to redirect your efforts to upgrade your work environment. Your plan narrates what the people in your organization do to prevent injuries and illnesses at your workplace.

What’s most important is that – your system works for your organization and be beneficial. It’s up to us to decide how best we can do to run a safe and healthy workplace, also how can we put our plan into practice.

Workplace Safety and Health Legislation

Occupational health and safety legislation manages the quality of workplace hygiene and safety. The objective is to stop workplace accidents, injuries, and diseases, and make laws against violation of those standards.

It features responsibilities for all, the employers, the supervisors, and the employees.

Normally, the legislation needs that employers do everything that is possible for safeguarding the health and safety of their employees at the workplace.

This includes, but is not restricted to:

  • Providing suitable training for picking up possibly dangerous equipment and/or material; informing employees of possible dangers in the workplace, and setting up safe work exercises.

A health and safety committee is an assembly that is in-charge of upgrading workplace health and safety.

A committee consisting of both employee and management representatives works best; And need to look after the safety and health factors in the organization.

The role of this committee is to recognize & help in stopping and/or preventing any unfortunate incidence and hazards from occurring in the workplace; endorsing solutions to any issues, and encouraging and maintaining health and safety in the workplace.

Health and safety are important issues in all workplaces and as such, organizations; they require to obey health and safety regulations and acts.

Health and safety are generally controlled by provincial or territorial legislation. Organizations that fall within the federal or central jurisdiction have separate legislation to deal with health and safety issues.

That’s all for today, in the next blog we’ll see the roles and responsibilities for workplace safety. Till then, make sure you’re safe and sound.

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